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TS 1478 EN 124 Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite Manhole Cover Ministry of Public Works Building Construction unit price of the catalog number 23 256 exposure glass fiber reinforced composite manhole cover is produced according to standard clear opening of 600 mm. D400 class C250 class B125 class maintenance manhole cover and close the cover of heavy vehicle traffic, medium goods vehicle traffic, according to the light duty vehicle traffic because it is made from glass fiber non-reinforced materials for recycling is no risk of theft. Because the cover frame connecting locking prevent unauthorized access is prevented. A manhole cover is hinged provides ease of installation and maintenance of 180 degrees when the door opened. Noise pollution with hard rubber seal used inside the cap is minimized. no risk for heavy goods vehicles. institutions and companies of logos can be printed on the cover, the names can be written. It provides the transportation and installation advantage is lighter than steel and concrete. production can be done in any color for easy understanding of the rainwater channel with domestic waste. Composite manhole covers is economic decay and corrosion that. It contributes to the national economy by providing cost advantage.
Bank of Provinces, Provincial and District Administration, Municipalities, Toki, telecom infrastructure and sewage applications and is available in all official institutions.

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