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    Our company has been working to meet the demands for the needs of Elazig province and region in infrastructure and superstructure urban furniture and regarding landscaping work in official institutions and municipalities and contractors TOKI the from of January 1996. The main field of activity of our company are mainly outdoor furniture Children's Playground composite products.

    We deliver in a short time with the municipalities and the private sector as well as public organizations and institutions of Landscape and Environmental Design used in outdoor furniture and children's playgrounds with composite substructure and superstructure products related to all project applications to our experts and experienced team of our careful study.

    Economic indicators, developing countries, since 2010 in Turkey in the world, Elazig, Turkey and Belen Children's Playground in Elazığ and Turkey, after we have completed the manufacturing of the providence would have a say in export and sales playgrounds and urban furniture new we have separate design and advance our leadership position in the market with our 2010 catalog work.

Belen children's play primary objective of globalizing new playgrounds and urban furniture design with the leading group in the world in order to feel that we are at a level to compete in the same station onto the park, we make our own place in the industry by creating our catalog.

Good life healthy environment is obtained with only the technology. But in nature, according to human nature, a technology in harmony with the environment ... Human-Friendly Technology BELEN Children's Playground Composite Landscape Construction Ind. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. It offers you such an opportunity. you will win before long as we have this understanding, then we can! ...

    We wish you success in your work that your request to meet with.

    Our company is the manufacture and sale of the products that are made available through the links below you can obtain detailed information ...



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